Saturday, October 5, 2013

Clock Cafe and Weekly Updates

This photo was included in a box sent by John Robert Smith  from Alabama. His father was mayor of Lawrenceville in 1910 or so and on the school board when the high school was built.  So while we don't know this lady's name, we do know where she is going... to the Museum to pick up her copy of Lawrence Lore Vol 1!    Have you bought yours yet! Yes, this is a sneaky attempt at advertising but we are starting a capital improvement project at the Museum and need Funds!

The next photo  was found by the present mayor of Lawrenceville .  If you can enlarge it, you will see the Clock Cafe and to the far right the Spot.

The top photo of a House  was part of a Beautify Lawrenceville Scrapbook also found in the basement of City Hall.  The photo below  shows the "after" look.  The question is if this house was in town in the 1960's, is it still here, and if so, where...... Oh! Yes!  If you haven't taken the survey about what you see as the city's strengths, and what you would like to see the city look like in 15 years, please stop by City Hall and get one to complete.


As to the articles about the teen center:  Harold M writes:

"I was in college when the teen center opened, but my parents, Tom & Ila Mills, operated the concession.  I vaguely remember going there a couple of times with them.  The menu included candy bars, soda, chips, ice cream, shakes and malts.  That was 60 years ago, and I had forgotten about my folks doing that until your article.  Thanks for the memories."   

And one reader was even good enough to send me a list of Sumner business' today compared with the long list in olden times  published earlier this past week. I won't be including that on the blog, Harold F; I will let Roscoe compile  his own list.  And unfortunately, I can't help those readers who wanted a map to the gold fields in Lawrence county either. But  for all of you Pinkstaff genealogists, I am glad the 'Pinkstaff Girls' articles helped.  Have a great week!