Friday, September 6, 2013

Toma-Talk 1982, Circle J Skate, and LHS Science Room

The Lawrenceville High School journalism students  published a be-monthly newspaper called the Toma-Talk.  It cost $4.00 to have it mailed or $250 if picked up at the School.  The editor for 1982-83 was Darin F. Blair, business manager Ellen Faro, photographs by Darin Blair and Larry Pulleyblank, cartoonists were Darin Blair and Ross Kincaid, reporters were Darin Blair, Ellen Faro, Jody Ingram, G J Jefferson, Ross Kincaid, Amy Gaither, and Bill Garrison.

Toma- Talk September 10, 1982    Entertainment Rolls in South of Town by G.J. Jefferson

A new skating rink is on the verge of opening its doors to the people of Lawrenceville and the surrounding area. Rev. Jim Hague, owner and manager of Circle J Skate estimates an opening date of October 1. There will be public skates on Monday from 7:00 to 9:30 PM and two sessions on Friday and Saturday evening. 

The first session beginning at seven PM and ending at nine leaving the second session to begin at nine and ending at midnight. The base price will be two dollars admission and one dollar for skate rental. If you wish to continue skating after the first session ends, there will be a dollar charge. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons will be a public skate session from 3:30 to 5:30 PM.

Tuesday nights are reserved for families to skate together from seven to 9:30 PM. Special skating hours are available for beginners on Saturdays in two sessions beginning at 1 PM to 2:30 PM for the first session and the second session beginning at 2:30 and ending at 4 PM. 

Special and private parties can be held on evenings when a public skate is not being held. Special group or rates will also be available.

Your favorite tunes, chosen from the top 40 charts and special requests will be played through a stereo sound system for your entertainment while skating. There will be a pop machine and candy available. Mr. Hague  wishes to inform everyone that 'we are here to serve everyone.'
Earth Science and General Science Room 33

Science Room has Face Lift by Amy Gaither
The major project at LHS the summer was the remodeling of the science lab room.  Room 33 has been remodeled with all new tables with gas spigots, facilities for eye and face wash, cabinets with locks, carpeted-top rock table, a new teacher's desk and last but not least a new tile floor. According to our science teacher, Mr. John Clark, "it's great, neat, nice."  Gen. science teacher Mr. Dan Dishong added, "everybody should make an effort to keep it that way."
Student population   1981-82     1982-83
Freshmen                 132             156
Sophomores             135             128
Juniors                      157             134
Seniors                     141             146
Total                         565            564