Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Stivers Springs

Sumner Press
August 7, 1890
Stivers Springs

This noted health resort has been more liberally patronized this summer than ever before, especially by the people of Sumner. Most of the time Mr. Stiver's hotel has been full to overflowing. A number of Sumner families have been treating, among them Dr. Dollahan, Capt. Wheeler, Joe Freese, John and W. E. Brian and J. C. Carey. For the last several Sundays our town has been represented by all who could use it. Realizing the need of improvements, Mr. Stivers is having a lake dug and before next season will have additional buildings erected. Parties who are thoroughly posted, inform us that there is fully as much benefit to be derived from using the water of Stivers Springs as from those at a distance. That is true no doubt.

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