Thursday, September 19, 2013

LHS Homecoming King and Queen 1983

LHS Homecoming Royalty 1983 Jan Hammer and Tom Nichols were chosen from the King and Queen candidates pictured above.  King candidates were:  Jay Baker, Gary Cook, Corbin Neeley, Tom Nichols and Brad Rue.  The Queen candidates were Tami Abel, Christy Ford, Cindy Grove, Tammy Kaufman and Jan Hammer. The freshmen attendants were Kathy  Kaufman and Matt Deckard; the sophomore attendants were Kim Perkins and John Chelsvig; junior attendants were Cammy Gowen and T L Henry.

In the Toma-Talk, the LHS newspaper, was a column on what was in and what was not in 1983. Some of you might remember a few of these things.

IN: short geometric hairdos and soft natural hair styles; parties and concerts; MTV; the movie DUNE; bright colored blouses, roomy sweaters, and flashdance style sweatshirts. colors like royal blue, yellow and white. stone washed jeans, straight legged and dyed jeans, tapered corduroy pants with polka dots, stripes or geometric designs. For the guys:  baggy pants with shirt with rolled up sleeves, loosely knotted ties, wrap around shades, leather ties, and jackets with wider labels.  Preppy look still in:  chinos, oxford shirts, boat shoes, moccasins and crew neck sweaters.   Other hot looks for girls, include leg warmers, big belts and art deco jewelry.  Class rings are in.

OUT:  Valley Girls; Heavy punk; ET; horoscopes;  slam dancing; wild frizzy hairdos; dropping out, cigarettes, and pinball.

Come tell us what you thought was IN and what was OUT ---We will be at the Fall Festival 3:30-6:30 Wed-Sat.