Monday, September 9, 2013

Horse Problems

January 25, 1912  Lawrence County News               Horse Drowned

Isaac Adams had an experience Thursday afternoon which he is not anxious to have repeated. "Mac" drives the delivery wagon for Gillespie's grocery and that day was delivering groceries south of town. When near the N. M. Rodgers farm, the road being covered with water, "Mac" got his bearings mixed and turned into the ditch with the result that the horses were soon swimming. The wheels of the wagon became fastened in the ditch and it looked like both horses would drown. Mac plunged into the ice cold water and succeeded in getting one horse loose by cutting the harness. The lines had a twenty-five pound weight attached to them and this held the other horse in the water even after the harness was cut, and in spite  of  "Mac's" efforts the animal drowned.  About $25 worth of groceries were also lost.

Sept 21, 1905   Sumner Press                     Last Saturday ,a son of a Hiram Buchanan, drove his horse and buggy into the River here to wash his buggy. The river was rising and  the horse got into deep water and the young man was compelled to swim to the shore in order to save his life. The horse and buggy sank and drifted downstream. Sunday evening the dead animal, still attached to the buggy, was found floating in the Wabash River just above St Francisville.  

October 26, 1905 Sumner Press                While preparing to go on his regular trip on Mail Route #3, Shelby Piper was kicked by his horse. His left hand was struck, breaking a bone and dislocating his little finger. A. O. Freese delivered the mail  for him.

(And you think you have trouble with your car!)