Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fire Fighter's Academy

Daily Republican Register Mt Carmel Illinois June 25, 1976 Lawrenceville
Although Lawrence County was eliminated in initial site selection for the National Fire Fighters Academy, the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce is still strongly behind the project and is urging national lawmakers to have the George Field site re-introduced.
Chamber directors read a letter from the sites' selection board for the Fire Fighters Academy which stated that the board could seek out new sites on its own in initiative and could give additional consideration to sites previously submitted.
A mailgram was immediately sent to Sen. Charles Percy, urging him to use his influence with the board to reintroduce the Lawrence County site. A similar letter is also being sent to Congressman George Shipley.
The Fire Fighters Academy would mean a multi-million dollar construction project for the County, according to Russell Abel, former president of the Chamber. Approximately 100 chemists and other top salaried personnel would be employed at the Academy as well as 100 to 150 other persons, Abel said.