Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bootleg Liquor and Fast Cars!

Lawrence County News April 26 1934
Federal officers Raid Ullom place and Seize Still

J.E. Cornett and E.H. Stephenson, federal operatives, rated the Ed Ullom place, West of Sumner, Friday, and confiscated a quantity of liquor and seized a still located on the edge of Richland County. Emory 

Michaels, one of the attendants, was taken to Danville by the officers and Ed Ullom and his son Vancil were ordered to report to the federal judge at Danville, Monday morning.

The officers located the still Thursday, but were informed that Ullom may daily trips to the place and decided to wait and capture him with a load of liquor. Ullom appeared at the scheduled time, but since he was driving a faster car than the officers, they decided to wait and raid  the building while the three men were inside. 

Michaels offered some resistance, but was soon placed under arrest and Vancil Ullom made a break for liberty by jumping out a window, taking the glass with him. Ed Ullom ran out the rear door, both men pursued by federal officers. Shots fired in the air halted the men and they quietly submitted to arrest. The still was destroyed.

The Ullom home on the Palmer farm, West of Sumner, was then visited and a small quantity of liquor was found. There was evidence that liquor had recently been in jugs and bottles found in the house.

Ed Ullom and son Vancil were sent to Federal prison from charges brought by the IRS for operating a still. They were later arrested near Wood River using assumed names for other ‘misdeeds.’ Everett Ullom is Ed’s son and Vancil’s brother. Everett ran a Speakeasy (no doubt the retail outlet for the ‘moonshine’) west of Bridgeport which was the scene of young girl’s unexplained death and whose nude body was found frozen to death in Lanterman park. Read the news articles and the coroner’s report as well as the verdict of the case in the Society’s newest Publication:   Lawrence Lore Vol 1 on sale at the Museum, Genealogy Library, or during the Fall Festival.