Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Turnip Growing Contest 1934

Lawrence County News
November 24, 1934

Tellers of tall tales will now direct their imagination to other things that turnips. The decision was arrived at last Saturday when the Turnip Exposition sponsored by the Lawrenceville firms brought more than the expected numbers of entries and proved conclusively that as a turnip raising community Lawrence County stands in the front rank.

The picture to the right  by the Plummer Studio tells the story better than mere words. The prize turnip is shown on the scales which balanced at 11 lbs. 3 oz. The six specimens pictured weight more than 50 pounds.

The entries began arriving early Saturday morning and were weighed and marked with the growers' name and address. There were some monsters among the early arrivals and interest increased with each entry, but it was well along toward noon hour that the real turnips began to show up. Mrs. George Griggs, of Sumner Route 4, residing on what is known as Red Hill, brought in the prize-winning specimen. The nearest competitor was one that balanced the scales at 9 lbs. 12 oz. brought in by Mrs. Mabel Boldrey of Sumner. It was probably pulled before it had reached full growth. Other specimens ranged from 8 pounds down, and all of them were solid.

The vegetables were displayed at Packers Market on the South side of the square and attracted the attention of all passerby. Comments were amusing. One well known Lawrenceville man was positive in his statement that they were not turnips, although they had every appearance of being such vegetables; he thought perhaps the seed had been mixed with pumpkins and a new variety produced.

Merchants who sponsored the show are well pleased with the hearty response, and were surprised at the size and weight of the entries. Certificates have been mailed the prizewinners and will be honored by the merchants on presentation.

The turnips are on exhibition at the Packers Market and are for sale to the highest bidder, the proceeds go to the Delta Theta Tau milk fund. Pick out the turnip that is large enough for your family and pay what you think it is worth. The prizewinner is at the News office and may be examined by the skeptical.