Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summary of Spring News Sumner 1905

Excerpts taken from the Sumner Press in 1905--the year before the Oil Strike and the population exploded:    
  • April 6, 1905 Dr. S. A. Houchen, dentist, successor to Dr. W Brown, had  located  his office upstairs in the Wagner building in Sumner.
  •  April 20, 1905 The Bridgeport High School graduating class consisted of  3 young ladies-- Misses Helen Burns, Pearl Holliday and Lena Edwards-- and one young man --Clarence Umfleet.
  • May 11, 1905   Members of the GAR  met to decide where to hold the next convention. Those from Lawrenceville were Lewis Monjar, Milton Newell, O. Hull, Philip Wear. Also present were  W. J. Akin, from Billet and those from Sumner, I. H. Bunn, B. F. Sumner, W.H. Williams, S.M McClure, B.F. Wheeler, D.A. Westall, Early Beadle, J.H Lett, D. W. Petty, David Smith, D.W. Baker, W. H. Travis, W.C. Ivy, G.W. Young and J. A. Fyffe.   
  • May 25, 1905  All business houses closed on Decoration day between the hours of 12 O’clock noon and 4 pm in order that all might have the opportunity to attend the decoration exercises. (This apparently was unusual.)
  • June 1, 1905 The County Supt was to receive $1,250 for the year instead of a certain amount per day for the time actually spent in the work.  (This also appeared to be a new concept)
  • June 6, 1905 Sumner City Council members:  Mayor J.F. Jones; Alderman J. D. Piper, C.W. Legg, O. B. Baird, J A Barekman, G. W. Cooper, L. M. Stiff;  J I. Wagner, Clerk; B. L. Cunningham, Attorney; W, G Eubank,  Marshal. Night marshal was S.W. Perkins. H. T. Jennings was the cemetery sexton.
    • The Council   passed an ordinance that the every able bodied male inhabitant of the city of Sumner above the age of 21 years and under 50 years excepting such persons who are exempt by law had to work on the streets and alleys of Sumner for two full days each year under the direction of the superintendent of streets or in lieu thereof, had to pay the sum of two dollars each year.
  • June 15,1905 the Lawrenceville graduates held their  12th annual commencement  in the Circuit court room.  Five  ladies and three young men graduated:  Lena Maxwell, Pearl Gould, Naoma Musgrave, Lora Madding, Amanda Knepper, George Gould, Paul Lewis and Samuel  Jones.    Lawrence school district enrolled 450 students and paid $4,880 in taxes to educate them.