Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summary of News Summer of 1905-Sumner

Excerpts taken from the Sumner Press in 1905--the year before the Oil Strike and the population exploded:   The first part of the part of year  was published on this blog Aug 5. 

  • Fourth of July:  The amusement committee reported  the following contests:   Baby  contest- first prize $2.00, second prize $1.00; Old Man's Race- winner $1.00; Heavyweight Race 210 pounds and up- $1.00; Hundred yard Dash Free-for-All $2.00; 50 yards Sprint Free-for-All $1.00; Rickett race (?) boys under 13- $1.00; Oldest Man present $1.00; Oldest lady present $1.00;  Three-legged race Free-for-all $1.00; Bicycle race boys $1.00; Potato(sack)  race --boys and girls $1.00; Putting shot free-for-all $1.00; Tug-of-war free-for-all $1.00;  Special greased pole $1.00; Pole vault boys 13 and under $1.00; Boys race 14 and under $1.00;  Tennis game winning team $2.00; 
  • Horse show Draft Mare  or horse first prize $3.00 second price $1.00; draft team $4.00 and $2.00; single driver $3.00 and $1.00; double-team drivers $4.00 and $2.00; best boy rider under 12 years with pony $3.00 and $1.00; best saddle horse $3.00 and $1.00; lady riders $4.00 and $2.00;  best tight harness colt two years and under shown at end of Halter $3.00 and $1.00; highest jumping horse $3.00 and $1.00; best pair of mules any age $3.00 and $1.00; entry fee 10% of first prize; all horses must be entered and shown by owners;  first premium- blue ribbon & Second premium - red ribbon;  see C. E. Harper or T. F. Pepple to enter.
  • Businesses in Sumner in 1905:   Star Store, T. F. Hoopes, F. Merts, E. S. Sumner, Wm. Burgart, James Gochenour, W. E. Brian, Schuder and Co., F. A. Baird and Son, T. M. Stevens, S. Harbaugh and Son, May Hardware Co., Gideon Kronmiller, D. C. Smith and Son, T. L. Jones and Sons, Dale and Sheridan, First National Bank, W. H. Westall and Bro., Phillipe and Mushrush, Staninger and Son.
  •  August 3 1905 T. F. Hoopes sold all his merchandise to J. L. Barnes who was to  continue the business at the same place. On August 1,1880 Mr. Hoopes first started the business and for a quarter of a century he was identified with this business corner in Sumner; first as junior partner with the firm of Eckenrode and Hoopes, then as senior partner in the firm of Hoopes and Barnes, and then as sole owner of the extensive business that had been built up. Mr. Hoopes planned on taking  a much needed rest and then going with his family to spend a few months in California.He was then  to return and build of a new building on the corner then was occupied by 'old reliable'. The new building was to be built of brick two stories high and fitted with all the modern conveniences of a business house suitable for general merchandising, entirely covering the lot (40 x 80') and  be occupied by Mr. Barnes.  Mr. Hoopes planned on engaging in some other line of business after that. June 1882 Mr. Barnes became a salesman in the business and  he worked his way up from a trusted employee to a partnership. In 1901 he sold out his interest and engaged in business in St. Francisville where he was very successful but returned to Sumner to buy out his former partner. 
  • August 17, 1905 Sumner Ordinance Section 5 Chapter 8 Whoever shall, within the city of Sumner, permit any cellar, drain, pool, privy, sewer, yard or premises belonging to him or her to be, nauseous, foul, offensive, or injurious to the public health, or unpleasant or disagreeable to any persons, shall be deemed guilty of suffering a Nuisance.  Upon conviction he or she shall be fined not less than five dollars nor more than $50.