Monday, August 5, 2013

Summary of News in Winter 1905 Sumner

Excerpts taken from the Sumner Press in 1905--the year before the Oil Strike and the population exploded: 
    • Dales bookstore, the successor to the Hoopes  bookstore, was selling sheet music for $.25. They also had two phone numbers (indicating two separate phone systems?): the Citizens #43 and the Farmer's #77.
    • H A Piper was a notary public, sold insurance and was a loan agent in Sumner. There were 5 churches in Sumner in 1905.   
  • February 16, 1905  “The severest storm of the season swept over the country last Saturday night and Sunday. The snow was preceded by rain and sleet in most sections, and in this locality the snow fall was the heaviest of the winter reaching a depth of about 6 inches. Monday morning was the coldest we have yet had, the thermometers registering from 15 to 25° below zero, depending on the location of the instrument.”
  • Feb 23, 1905  The Board of Education discussed the question of remodeling the present school building. Those who were  in position to know claimed the West side or the old part was not really fit for use.
    • Sealed proposals were received by the County  Board of Supervisors for the labor and materials to build  a building for the County Poor farm . The bid of A.S. Baird and Son for  a contract price of $7200 was accepted. Additionally Umphrey Inmon was hired  as keeper of the poor farm for a term of one year to begin March 15, 1905, at a rate of 19 cents per day per inmate.
    • The preliminary hearing of Link Jones,  was dismissed on motion of the defense. The son who was shot, refused to prosecute his father and presented a sworn statement to that effect to the court and the case was accordingly dismissed. The friends of the family hoped that this would  end the series of disturbances that have occurred there and that they will be forgotten in their reunited family.
  • March 2, 1905 Dr. FF Petty and wife (nee Zilphia Highsmith from Birds)  is relocated to Chauncey and began practicing medicine there.For some time before, he was a prominent teacher in Lawrence County. About 1903 he graduated from medical college at Louisville, Kentucky.
  • March 9, 1905 The County Commissioners voted to sell the wind pump at the County jail. A. P. Spencer as superintendent of schools, was paid $281 as his salary.