Monday, August 19, 2013

Missionary Ridge Wooden Gavel

Sumner Press
July 30, 1891

Gavel Presentation

John W. Watts Post No. 218 G. A. R., had a most interesting meeting Saturday evening. The business of the meeting was gone through with the reports of several committees on the reunion program reporting favorable progress. There is a bright outlook for a successful reunion if we may judge from the reports of the committees.

Six or seven comrades from the W. E. Panabaker Post in Bridgeport, Illinois were present and made us feel more enthusiastic than usual by their speeches and reminisces of soldier life. But the post was not only surprised but gratified when Comrade B. F. Kilgore told us of his recent trip to Tennessee and how he was so kindly treated by men of the South, both ex-Yankees and ex-Johnnies, and of the wonderful transformation in the country down there from when he knew it during the war. He concluded by presenting the Post a gavel made of Oak wood and in which was embedded a minnie musket ball. He secured the wood on Missionary Ridge and fashioned it into a gavel and in a neat and feeling speech, presented to the John W. Watts Post.

The post voted, Comrade Kilgore their thanks and expressed their appreciation of the gift by singing "Marching Through Georgia." Taken all in all, this meeting was universally agreed to have been our best one.

Don't forget about the Civil War Round Table meeting....Bring your ancestors!  Thursday Aug 22 7:00 pm Museum on the Square