Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Martha Buchanan Wilson and A Taste of Lawrence County in Denver

Sorting in the Museum Archives the other day, I found an essay written by Martha Buchanan for a high school class in the late '30's.   The subject concerned  the marble angel on the tombstone of Leland Seed at Sumner Cemetery.  John K provided the following research:  

Martha B. Wilson    July 16, 1923 - May 14, 2012

Martha Buchanan  was born July 16th, 1923 near St. Francisville, Il. in the second house north of the Buchanan Cemetery. Her parents were Ralph E. and Gertrude M. Buchanan,and she was born 8th out 9 children. Her siblings were: Ernest Buchanan, Jennie Hayhoe, Ura Dear, Jack Buchanan, Clement Buchanan, Eunice Klassen, Fannie Turton, and Rowland Buchanan.

After Martha graduated from High School she moved to Washington DC and lived with close family friends. Since this was during the time of WWII, she worked as a civilian assistant in the War Department. Though she was still a very shy farm girl, her coy smile and farm fresh beauty drew the admiration of many young men. According to Martha, she politely shunned their advances because she wanted to meet a young man who would receive the approval of her parents. Enter Stanley Wilson, the son of mutual family friends who were also members of the same Christian denomination as Martha's family, a group known as the Brethren. 

Their courtship was not an easy one since they were separated by a 1,000 miles, but Stan (5 years her junior) eventually made the bold move of asking for her hand in marriage. They were then married on January 13th, 1949 in the living room of Martha's family home in St. Francisville. Shortly after the marriage, Stan and Martha boarded a train for Denver and began their life together....

Then came the children, Charlie, Cindy, Kathy, and Debbie, born between 1950 and 1956. She and Stan built a home in 1951 on farm property that Stan's father had recently purchased just outside Denver.

Then in 1973,  the Wilson family opened Wilson's White Fence Farm Restaurant.A picture of Martha's family home and the original leaded glass lamp that hung over Buchanan family table  are both on display in Denver at White Fence Farm Restaurant.  In September of 1999, just months after celebrating their 50th anniversary, Stan passed away. Martha died May 14, 2012. 

The website for Martha Buchanan's restaurant in Lakewood Co is:  http://wff-co.net/co/index-home.php