Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Joe Schofield

A tribute and personal remembrance from a reader:  "I  knew Joe Schofield when I was about five years old, before he moved to Rock Grove. As he walked east on Jonathan Street, turning the corner onto Washington Street, led by his Guide dog, Patience, I always shouted, "Hi, Joe Schofield." My parents visited Joe and his wife in Rock Grove in the '60s. He mentioned this to me when I visited him when he was 99 years old. My parents were in the area visiting my sister in Dakota, IL. I invited myself to his one hundredth birthday party at the nursing home in Bridgeport. I wrote and read to him a 'This is your life type poem.' I gave him an un-circulated silver dollar since he had been a coin collector. I told him it would be un-circulated no more as I unwrapped it so he could explore it with his sensitive fingers. Joe was the last remaining member of the BTHS class of 1925. His accomplishments during his life were greater than those of most sighted persons. He was a great man."