Monday, August 26, 2013


1934 Abernathy's 
1953 Smith Sales 
 A Woman's Work is Never Done!
1933 Lawrenceville Laundry
10-30-1958   Bob Gravitt opened his new coin operated laundry at Twelfth and Cedar Streets and is ready for business.  The plant will be open day and night, making it possible for patrons to avail themselves of the facilities at anytime.  He has named the place Speedwash Laundry, and after getting well under way will operate a shirt laundering unit.
Gravitt has installed 20 automatic washers and seven big dryers, all equipped with sufficient water and power supply and rapid drainage.  He has a large water softener which will give his customers absolute soft water, and two large water heaters.  The plumbing is so arranged that hot water is available at all times to any machine in the laundry.
A change maker is installed so that there is no delay in getting started on a washing.  The machines take two dimes for a washer and one dime for a dryer, and the water is furnished free.