Monday, August 12, 2013

John L. Stoltz-Inventor from Sumner

John L Stoltz of Sumner, Illinois filed a second  patent on September 4, 1923 following one he had filed earlier on January 12, 1922.
(If you are not an engineer you may not want to read any further)
 Patent # 660, 871 relates to resilient wheels, and the object of the invention is to provide a vehicle wheel in which a plurality of resilient spokes are provided for connecting the rim structure to the hub structure of the wheel, said spokes being arranged in pairs one of which extends at right angles to the other, so as to permit the absorbing of shocks occasioned by the traveling of a vehicle equipped with the wheels over rough surfaces, the relative position of the spokes with respect to each other and to the axis of the wheel being such as to absorb the shock upon the initial engagement of the wheel with an obstruction.

Patent # 528, 705 relates to vehicle wheels of the class in which the rim of the wheel is connected to the hub by resilient spokes whereby they may be extended or contracted in such manner as to provide a cushioning effect to absorb shocks and jars and thus render the wheel useful in displacing wheels adapted to be used with pneumatic tires.

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