Saturday, August 31, 2013

Jacob & Eliza Culbertson Hershey


A few months ago there was an article written about pioneer medicine on this blog (Medical Society and treatment in the 1840's) that included a letter describing a treatment with red peppers and vinegar.  This was a reprint taken from Dr. Kirkwood's book on County Physicians.  Since then we have discovered that a complete copy of the letter in the Alexander Culbertson, Sr genealogy book written by Margaret Fish.  Written October 30, 1846 but unsigned, Ms Fish has analyzed names mentioned in the context and concludes that the patient was John Culbertson of Christy Twp, Lawrence County. 
 One of John's daughter Eliza married Jacob Hershey who purchased about 1000 acres at $1.25 per acre in Denison Twp. Lawrence Co, I

Ms Fish's  books used to be sold at the Irene Black Genealogy Library and it was thought that they were all gone, however several  were recently discovered and the Society has now placed them once again on the shelves for sale at the Museum and at the Library.    This soft covered 8 1/2 x11" book consists of 105 pages, plus 15 pages of index and 12 pages of pictures.  Included within its covers are bible records, tombstone inscriptions and genealogy for  the Alexander Culbertson family of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois.  It is said that Alexander served in the Revolutionary War.   This books are listed for $15 plus $5 postage.  

We are embarking on a capital improvement project at the museum to 'save our history', so please help support our endeavors by buying our books, or making a donation, or becoming a member.