Friday, August 30, 2013

"How to Talk on the Telephone"

The editor of the Sumner Press on January 25, 1906 wrote an article on
how to talk on the telephone. (Remember the telephones then were the wall-hung ones with the speaker attached to the box. )

'Very few people are good telephone talkers simply because they do not follow simple ordinary rules in using the instrument. The following given rules are so simple that everyone may be a good talker over the phone. To be a good telephone talker is something of an art. In all cases the transmitter should be as vertical as possible, and so adjusted that it is on a level with the lips when head is in the ordinary arched position of conversation. The lips should be about an inch away and directly opposite its center. Talk about as loud as if speaking to a person across the room. But more than all, care should be taken to talk slowly and to articulate with the greatest distinctness to be deliberate on what one says and to make ample pause at the end of each sentence. Nothing can be more erroneous in using a telephone then to stand at a distance from the instrument and endeavor to affect it by shouting at the top of one's voice.'