Saturday, August 24, 2013

Field Trip for Society and other "Goings-on"

Don't Forget Field Trip scheduled for August Meeting:   Monday 26   5:00 pm (Indiana Time) Tour of Indiana Military Museum at Vincennes, IN 

Cost $5.00 Admission ticket ($4.00 Seniors 62 and older, and all Veterans) Everyone invited.  You may meet group there at 715 South 6th St, Vincennes, or if you would like to carpool, meet at the Museum on the Square at Lawrenceville at 3:30 pm Illinois time.   For information about the Military Museum see

The cost of the 1910 Biography of Lawrence County residents is now $35.00, and not $45 as reported earlier, so anyone who sent a check will be refunded money to reflect the 'sale' price. This is a really good deal on a great book for genealogists....think Christmas present here.

It has been brought to my attention (several times)  that the date for the Wedding Memories Through the Ages event was wrong..... It should have been March 23, 2014. Don't worry, between now and then, updated details will be provided so you will definitely know when it is.

The Wedding Memories Committee reminds you to consider loaning your vintage wedding dress for next Spring's show.  Elaborate wedding certificates, older wedding photos, cake-toppers, and other wedding accessories are also wanted for displays.  If you have any of these items, please let us know.

 Cunningham & Bopp Killed When Lightning Struck Barn
 Tuesday morning around 9 o’clock W.F. Cunningham and William Bopp of Allison were instantly killed by lightning. Two Horses were killed by the same stroke.
Mr. Cunningham was going to the rural mail box for his mail, riding horseback, and was caught in the rain at Samuel Carrithers' place about a quarter of a mile from his home. William French, who lives at the Carrithers' place called for him to come to the barn out of the rain. William Bopp, who lives a half mile away, was riding on the same errand and also sought shelter in the barn.
Mr. French had just stepped away when a lightning bolt struck. The two men and their horses were killed instantly.  Two other men were badly shocked. Mr. Cunningham’s clothes were on fire but they were able to put it out. His clothes and boots were cut into thousands of pieces from the bolt. The bodies were not mutilated. Mr. Cunningham was buried at Vincennes and Mr. Bopp at Centerville.

The Centerville Cemetery Committee has been meeting every Wednesday Morning at 6:00 am.  to identify graves and create an interactive database program which will not only include a photo of each tombstone, but also a corresponding obit for the deceased.  Rose R has contributed several dozen funeral cards, and Noble B. has allowed us to use his drawn-to-scale cemetery plot map.  Judy B has assisted by walking the rows and checking  the names on the lists.   This cemetery is extremely well maintained, and several families have replaced older stones (or non-existent ones ) with new ones of a simple design. That still doesn't make the remaining old ones easier to read.  We use Irene Black's cemetery book to 'fill in the gaps" but anyone with obits or family information (that is not in Irene' s book) please contact us.  (.....and bring donuts if you show up to work......)