Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Death and Childbirth 1906

The winter of 1906 saw two mothers buried at Sumner Cemetery both in the 2nd Addition north of the oldest section by the railroad track. They had died in childbirth and their babies were buried with them, as the distraught husbands stood by the graves and wept.

Sumner Press  Jan and Feb  1906 
"To Dr. and Mrs H.K. Murphy a son was born Jan 6, 1906.  Mrs Murphy died at 1 am Jan 10, 1906, and shortly thereafter the baby died also.  A double funeral was held with a beautiful white casket containing the remains of the young mother with her babe lying  her arms. The casket as it was lowered into the receiving concrete vault was entirely covered with floral offerings and the grave was afterwards piled high with flowers.  Mrs Pearl Murphy was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Stevens born July 27, 1873.  She had graduated with honors from Sumner High School with the class of 1901.  For four years before her marriage she was assistant post mistress  but resigned upon her marriage  on June 3, 1903." 

"Another mother died in delivering her child. Mrs. G.W. Van Glider died Feb 12 1906 shortly after her baby had died. Lona Bell daughter of Jacob and Mary Wagner was born in Petty Township June 18, 1869 and married G.W. on March 17, 1888. She is survived by her husband, three sons and one little daughter."