Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"Brought back from the Dead"

Sumner Press:  September 12, 1895 - Considerable excitement occurred here Thursday evening when Wilber Ringswalt brought word that a dead man was seen by the railroad track near Hadley. There was hurrying to and fro and Coroner Stokes, being equal to the emergency; quickly secured a staff taking a hand car to the scene of the supposed crime, but their search was a vain one, as no dead man could be seen.
They were informed, however that a citizen of Sumner had been seen lying there, and had supposed him to be weary from too much refreshments. It wouldn't do to go back into town without a corpse, so an abiding young Ringswalt lay down and played dead, and they carried the supposed corpse to the Coroner's office for an inquest led by a hundred or so men and boys. The Coroner locked the office but nothing daunted the crowd. A few  young Americans climbed upon the porch and entered through the window. "One enterprising kid" ran the pointed end of a pin in the "corpse" which effectively restored it to life.

August Meeting:   Monday 26   5:00 pm (Indiana Time) Tour of Indiana Military Museum at Vincennes, IN 

Cost $5.00 Admission ticket ($4.00 Seniors 62 and older, and all Veterans) Everyone invited.  You may meet group there at 715 South 6th St, Vincennes, or if you would like to carpool, meet at the Museum on the Square at Lawrenceville at 3:30 pm Illinois time.   For information about the Military Museum see http://www.indianamilitarymuseum.org/