Friday, August 16, 2013

Berkshire and Meeks Beauty Queens 1935

Lawrence County News
August 15, 1935

Mary Berkshire
Mary Berkshire Chosen Princess

Pauline Meeks will be her attendant in District contest at Centralia next month

Miss Mary Berkshire and Miss Pauline Meeks will go to Centralia on the 6th and 7th of September where they will enter the contest staged by the American Legion posts of the 23rd district. At that time "Princess" of the District will be selected to compete for the honor of being the "Queen of Egypt" at the National Convention of the American Legion to be held in St. Louis, September 22 to 27.

The "Queen of Egypt" will be the winner of the four districts that comprise Egypt in Southern Illinois. The Queen will have as her attendants in the national parade, the three who were winners in their respective districts.

Pauline Meeks
The "Queen of Egypt" idea has aroused a lively interest in Southern Illinois. The Egyptian '35 club put the proposition before the officers of the National Legion and all efforts of other states and districts to enter a Queen have been unsuccessful. A special float will be built to display the Queen and her attendants and this will be the only float in the big parade and will be the first one so entered at a National meeting.

Miss Berkshire was chosen "Princess" of Lawrenceville at a contest sponsored by the American Legion last week and Miss Meeks was chosen "Princess Attendant". Thirty-five girls were entered into the contest and thirty of them were eliminated the first night. Of the five to appear at the Avalon Theater on Wednesday night of last week Miss Berkshire received the greatest number of votes with Miss Meeks a close second. The decision was made by patrons attending the theater on those nights.