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West Point School 1912

October 29, 1912 the pupils of West Point School posed for their annual class picture with their teacher, Miss Inez Moore, standing in back left.
Holding the slate were Elva Foss and Orpha Angle.
Kneeling, left to right:  Ruth Inyart, Margaret McGuire, Glenn Foss, John Currie, Irvie Inyart, Noble Jones, Abby Inyart, and Gladys Foss.
Second row:  Daisy Inyart, Beulah Foss, James Wright, James Foss, Eliza Inyart, Tressie Holsen, and Irene Wright.
Back Row:  John Foss, Maggie Holsen, Mary Ann Wright, Roy Foss, Ira Wright, Laban Wright, Reuel Foss, Corrie Wright, and Otis Foss.

1910 census:  There were 26 children shown in this photo;15 of them belonged to 5 families.  Roy, James and Elva Foss were the children of J Frederick and Rachel Foss; Gladys, Glenn, Beulah, John and Reul Foss belonged to George and Ella Foss; Tressie and Maggie Holson belonged to Charlie and Effie Holson; Irene was Albert and Clarissa Wright's daughter; Ruth, Abby, Daisy, and Eliza Inyart were the children of Fred and Minnie Inyart.  Laban may have been improperly  identified in the photo as 'Wright'; The census shows him as Labon Inyart. 

Students in Lukin Township were probably taught in a log cabin on Elijah Tarpley's property before 1867, but a formal deed was recorded as of that year.  The school trustees later purchased property to the north and west of this first school on property owned by J.L Wright in 1894. It became known as West Point School.  It was located on the West side of Buckhorn Road 100E, .4 miles north of Wright Lane 200N.In 1948 West Point School became a victim of consolidation. The West Point students began attending Lukin Community School District #2 in the fall of 1948.  


School term
Annual Salary
#  Students
Willis Prout

Geo Wright[1]

$35 monthly

Inez Moore[2]
6 months
Marshall Pool[3]

O May Foss[4]
$50.00 monthly

Harold Slichenmyer[5]

Dale Moore[6]

Imogene Osborn[7]
Alice Loos[8]
Alice Loos[9]

Marian Osborn[10]

[1] County Superintendent’s Directory  
[2] Photograph and  Superintendent’s report
[3] Photograph
[4] County Superintendent’s Directory  
[5] County Superintendent’s Directory (1924-25 listed teachers from previous year who had had outstanding 8th grade graduates.  Marian Osborn had received a high score on the county final examinations.)
[6] County Superintendent’s Directory   Note:  This was his 1st  year teaching.
[7] County Superintendent’s Directory   Note:  This was her 4th year teaching.
[8] County Superintendent’s Directory   Note:  This was her 1st  year teaching. A snapshot of the class shows 12 students.
[9] County Superintendent’s Directory   Note:  This was her 2nd   year teaching.
[10] County Superintendent’s Directory   Note:  This was her 1st  year teaching.

Superintendent’s Report of Rural Schools 1912
West Point #49. Teacher, Inez Moore; salary $45 term for six month term; enrollment 30; Directors: C. E. Wright, Lewis Wright, C. L. Olson. Grounds are ample, 32 small trees, no fence, good water, outhouses in poor condition, good fuel house, schoolhouse painted and in good repair, well heated by a jacketed stove in corner of room but no provision for ventilation, blackboard good, desks not proper sizes but properly placed,  teacher's desk, one chair, no bookcase, 85 volumes in library, a dictionary and organ. Improvements suggested: get new bookcases, maps, globe, window shades, at least two suitable pictures and paper the walls.

Information similar to this can be found in the Society's publication 'Readin','Ritin' and 'Rithmetic:  Early Schools in Lawrence County, sold at the Museum, Genealogy Library, or by mail.  See Publications page at top left of blog for full description.