Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Prostitution on the River

Lawrence County  Circuit Court 1889

Ella Richardville alias Ella Mullins on August 1, 1888 in the County of Lawrence and at other times between that time and the present time Feb 1889 unlawfully and wickedly did, and still does, keep and maintain, a boat on the Wabash River within the jurisdiction of the County, for the purposes of prostitution, to the encouragement of idleness, fornication and other misbehavior, and did then and there permit evil persons, men as well as women, and common prostitutes to resort there and commit whore-dom and fornication to the common nuisance of all the people.  Witnesses called were S. C. Adamson, James Carmody, Mack Irwin, and J.C. Norton.  Bail was set at $200 for Ella