Monday, July 1, 2013

M.E. Church at Chauncey 1890

Sumner Press
November 20, 1890  Church Dedication at Chauncey

The new M. E. Church at Chauncey was dedicated Sunday. The continual rain lessened the attendance, the number present, including children probably did not exceed 150. Dr. Cranston of the Methodist Book Concern, conducted dedicatory exercises. He was assisted by Rev. G. L. Schafer, of Sumner, Rev. Powis, pastor of Olney circuit, and Rev. Wagy. Dr. Cranston's sermon and appeal for financial aid, resulted, notwithstanding the meager attendance, in securing cash and subscriptions in the full amount of the church indebtedness, viz $300. After this amount had been obtained, the subscription was continued for the purpose of reimbursing Rev. Wagy, the contractor and builder for a loss of $250 by him under contract. Of this amount $150 was secured in cash and subscriptions. With the additional amounts that have been and will be collected at Sumner and other points, Rev. Wagy will be fully reimbursed. It would be a standing disgrace were he not, as the church building might well be considered cheap at $2000. It is a beautiful and commodious structure, and Rev. Wagy has spared neither time nor pains to do his best for the people. The church can easily seat  350, is well lighted with Rochester lamps and has a cozy classroom connecting to the main room by folding doors. The people of Chauncey may well be proud of their new church.

Much praise is due the building committee consisting of Messrs Watts, Haines and Mushrush, for their generous contribution of time, labor and means. The Combs Brothers and others of Sumner are also on the list of the recipients of the heartfelt thanks of Chauncey's people. Mr. Roderick, of Chauncey, will greatly be remembered for his cash donation of $100.

Under the circumstances of the meager attendance caused by the inclement weather, the securing of the amount of indebtedness is a surprise to the people, especially when it is considered that the great majority of those present had already contributed liberally, yet in cash and good subscriptions $500 was secured. All this speaks volumes for the people of Chauncey's vicinity.  (Blog Editor's comment:  The amounts don't total $500 but maybe there was a typo in the original newspaper.)