Saturday, July 27, 2013

Farmer's Institute 1905

Do you think your great grandmother was the best cook in the county?  I posted, as a web album, the winners at the Farmer's Institute 1905.  You have to click on the barn photos at the lower left, then click on the word 'photo" on the top right of the next page, then find the Farmers Institute 1905 album and click on it.  You can view it as a slide show, and pause it so you can read it.  I'm sorry that we couldn't make it any bigger or brighter, but this is what Kevin B and I have to decipher when we read the old microfilm.  Now aren't you even more impressed with the work that goes into this blog...(please feel free to show your appreciation by sending a donation to the Historical Society....and yes I am a shameless hustler!)

Sept 14 1905  The School Superintendent offered prizes for  schoolwork entered at Farmer’s Institute.The  7th and 8th grade students were encouraged to enter  an Essay on either 'Farm Life is the Best' or 'Suggested improvements for School.' A Traveling silver cup would be awarded for the best one. The previous year,  Seymour school had won it.    There would also be a contest for the best essay written by a boy attending  a country school. The topics were:   'Making Soil More Fertile' or 'Superiority of Well Bred Stock.'   First prize was  $2.50 worth of books. Second prize was a one year’s subscription to Youth’s companion.   Additionally there was also prizes for the best  essay written by a girl attending a country school.  She could choose either of two topics:    'Decorations for the Home' or 'Reading Matter for the Home'. First Prize was  the same except for second prize,  she would receive a one year’s subscription to The Woman’s Home Companion.  The rules specifically stated  all contestants had to be under 21. (Remember these were 7th and 8th graders....)