Saturday, July 20, 2013

Chauncey 1890 and Saturday's Recap

News of Chauncey Jan 9, 1890   Sumner Press 
Mr. Marshall has started a huckster wagon and oil tank.  Dr. Smith’s drugstore was visited by some evil-disposed person or persons one night last week, who treated themselves to tobacco without leave or equivalent. 

Leach public school for the month ending December 28,1890:
Enrollment for the month --47; 
Average daily attendance-- 34 pupils. 
Those perfect in attendance are:   Charles Baltzell, Maud Dobbins, Clara Porter,  Eliza Haines, Alma  and Fred Lytle , Robert Baltzell and Cora Potts.

Society Updates:  Several readers wanted to know what the Suttle manufactured.  The best this editor could find out was:  Telephone equipment.  If anyone has more information please contact the Historical Society.

(The Curry brothers are standing on either side of an operator's switchboard made by Suttle that we located and now have in our museum.)

Art D. commented about Dr Thompson.  His daughter's name was Vivian and she taught school in Edwardsville. David P said Dr. Thompson had a stable of Tennessee Walking Horses that Lowell Paddick exercised when he was younger. 

And another response about the good doctor from John  H.:
 "Your recent Lawrence Lore post concerning the death of Dr. John R. Thompson was a very personal posting for me.  Doc Thompson was the attending physician at my birth (October 16, 1932).  This is the story my father used to tell.  In 1932 there were no hospitals nearby, so home births were "in."  Sometime on the 15th of October of that year, my dad called Doc Thompson because my mother was having labor pains.  This happened again at some point, and again a third time. (Apparently without a baby arriving)   (soon thereafter....) my dad walked to the front porch of our home at 644 Church St. in Bridgeport and there was Doctor Thompson peacefully swinging in the porch swing, puffing on a large cigar.  "What are you doing out here, Doc?" my dad asked.  Doc Thompson replied that "You've called me three times for this damn thing and she isn't quite ready yet.  I'm sitting right here until she's really ready to deliver."  And he did.

I was doing some research of my own today and ran across his obit.  In it was the statement that Doctor Thompson had a rough exterior and was thought by many to be brash.  However, it said, he was most gentle toward his patients and was dearly loved by them.

My name also is John R., as was his; however I was named for my grandfather, not Doc John R. Thompson."  

As for the article about Prostitution on the river...a reader said I should relabel it the Love boat.

There were several comments about the George Bopp murder.  Mike A a retired Police officer now living near Washington DC has nominated George's name to be placed on the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington for officers killed in the line of duty. The website is:   NLEOM. According to our sheriff Russ Adams, George is the only officer killed in Lawrence county so it is only fitting that he be remembered on this memorial.  Thanks to Mike for taking the initiative to fill out the application.  We will keep you updated on the outcome.  

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Don't forget the business meeting Monday night 7:00 Museum on the square.....
  (This ad is for you, Mike! This was published in the Sumner Press Feb 9, 1905 when James I. Wagner was publisher.....Wanta buy a pig?)