Wednesday, June 5, 2013

West Side of 12th St Lawrenceville -1909

This photo shows the West side of 12th St. from Scherer's Antique Store North To Walnut St.  and is  believed to have been taken about 1909.
The old barn at the left was used by Charlie Irwin, the butcher, as a stable for his delivery horses. The white building was used by White & Ryder as a plumbing shop. Most of their work consisted of installing pipes for gas use. (Since gas came to Lawrenceville in 1908 this picture must have been taken about 1909.) The last building in the picture was occupied by David Hipsher, who sold buggies and wagons. It had formally been used by Carl Busse for a harness shop and  shoe repair business. Businesses located where these old buildings were in 1958 -- 50 years later --were Wrights Jewelry, Paris Bakery, Burns' Appliances, George's Ice Cream, Dr. B. H. Sisk, Lawrenceville Township Library, Toliver Paint and Wallpaper, and the Towne House.

The reason  that this  picture exists is that the editor of the Lawrence County News in 1909, C. F. Stoll, had long complained about these terrible structures The paper's office was located upstairs in the building now occupied by the antique store and this is what the editor saw when he looked out his window. ( The News moved in 1909)  Mr. Stoll  had the  photo taken, and then  published it in the paper. It was not long afterwards that these buildings were removed and modern ones erected.