Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Travelcade 1971

Lawrence County News  July 7, 1971    More than 540 Avion trailers are parked on the old George Field site of Lawrenceville-Vincennes Municipal Airport last week for the International Travelcade of Owners. Well over 1500 persons accompanied the vehicles and enjoyed the week-long festivities.
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, an air-conditioned bus ran between the airport and Lawrenceville with Travelcade guests being transported free of charge. Bus trips were via courtesy of the Lawrenceville Merchants Association and the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce. The visitors loved everything they saw and everyone they talked to in this city. They were especially impressed with the school and church facilities; thought the Township Park was a wonderful place of recreation;  had a lot of fun with those persons dressed in old-fashioned attire, and remarked that this sesquicentennial pageant was a work of art with a most impressive County history long to be remembered as part of their visit to this area. Nearly every state, as well as Canada and Mexico were represented by those attending the Travelcade.