Friday, June 28, 2013

The Jamie Ray 1890

This photograph is  of the Jamie Ray taken at Hutsonville 1890.  The Jamie Ray was the  last large steamboat to quit the Wabash River. She  began operating on the  River during the 1870's as a packet and up to the early 1890's was used as an excursion boat. The boat was one of the largest and most pretentious ever operated on the Wabash.

In this photograph the boat was carrying an excursion party.   A notation on the back of the old picture written in pencil says 'I was there CPW'. This was no doubt noted by Charles P Walker  who was at that time  an official of the railroad with  its general offices upstairs in Hutsonville… The boat was owned by Hudnuts of Terre Haute and at one time was said to also  carry grain between Vincennes and Terre Haute and would have been seen by our residents on the eastern side of the County living along the River.  The boat fare from the Narrows to Terre Haute was one dollar. This included supper and lodging when the boat was making a night trip. If the boat was delayed there was no difference in the fare. One dollar covered the costs in any event.