Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Stivers Springs Resort and Lincoln Jr High teachers 1925

Lawrence County once boasted a luxurious 14 or 15 room hotel frequented by guests from long distances who came to drink from the spring fed well. Stivers Spring Hotel was located on Sumner Rt 4  and it's proprietor was George Ryan. The "good drinking water" well  was housed beneath the little trellis work frame (lower left corner of picture). The building was torn down during  World War II about 1945 according to a newspaper article in the Lawrence County News Jan 4, 1971.  

The ad at the right was found in the Lawrence County Daily Record Monday September 21, 1925.  

 Lawrence County News July 2, 1971 published an old photo of the teachers at Lincoln Junior High in Lawrenceville in 1925-26.

"These eight people comprised the first Lincoln Junior High School in Lawrenceville teaching staff, after the building was built. From left to right they are: Avis Reed, Nettie Van Gilder, Lucille Wheeler, Nancy Corrie, Floyd Prout, J. O. Price, Cleo Williams, and Marion Moore. They kept the students in line during the 1925-26 term of school."