Saturday, June 29, 2013

Milligan, the Checker Player

Lawrence County News Jan 27, 1971
Roy N. Milligan (right) lifts a couple of his opponent's checkers from the board as deputy Sheriff Paul Gher (left) ponders his next move in their afternoon session. Milligan has been meeting opponents for checker games nearly every afternoon for more than 75 years. He built and set up the table of which he and Deputy Gher play their games in the Lawrence County Sheriff's office.

More good news about our cemeteries:   Sumner Cemetery not only has a new flag pole, they have a new sign too... but sadly one of the featured tombstones on the tour has been broken...The Celtric Cross of the Hanratty family.  It was broken before but now the top has fallen off as you can see.  

Some of you may already know that the St Francisville, Bridgeport, and Lawrenceville Catholic Churches are to be merged.  Many of you readers grew up in these churches, were married there, and said masses for deceased relatives.  If you have any ideas about the future of Bridgeport and St. Francisville's beautiful churches, as well as their lovely stained glass windows that commemorate Lawrence County families, please contact these churches or the St. Louis Diocese , or send an email here, and I will forward it to the appropriate person.  Many believe it would be a disgrace to sell these windows.   The Historical Society is in the process of photographing them, and at least preserving their history.