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Meteorite in Lawrence County 1944

Lawrence County News August 24, 1944
Meteorite Cause of the Explosion Friday
It is now generally agreed that the ”explosion" that disturbed the people of Lawrence County last Friday morning was a meteorite that had spent itself in the vicinity of the Applegate neighborhood in Lawrence County.

Reports coming in indicated that the heavenly body passed over Indiana and that fragments were found off in various localities.

The jar, termed an explosion by all who felt it, was much the same as the explosion of some large nitroglycerin storage plant, and it was thought at the time that perhaps one had let go in this part of Illinois.

Dr. George Van Biesbroeck, professor of astronomy at Terkes Observatory, Williams Bay, Wisconsin, stated that it was probably a meteorite. He said they travel from 20 to 40 miles a second and that when they hit the Earth's atmosphere the energy of motion is transferred into heat, making them light up. Many times they are completely absorbed by the friction before they reach the Earth's surface.

Meteorites are comparably small bodies composed of metal, stone or a mixture of both.

In Lawrence County there were numerous stories about the thing. Some people who claim they saw it, were certain that two large planes had collided. Others were of the opinion that a plane had exploded in the air, going into such small pieces that there was nothing left. Some claimed to see a column of smoke.

Those who have made a study of the subject, claim that it is possible that the meteorite was completely spent upon reaching Lawrence County and that the explosion seen by the people in the vicinity was the last trace of the body.

*******JBS commented on the article about the wolves in Lawrence county. "When I worked for the Lawrence County Clerk 1960 to 1962, Ausby Green from Chauncey brought in the ears of coyotes for bounty."
And a smile for the weekend:  Sumner Press  August 7, 1890

Circuit Court News
Amy W. Clark vs John Clark, divorce granted

In this case, the lady who was present was jokingly informed by her counsel Col. Foster that if she wanted to get married again she must pay the costs. Affecting to be very much surprised she replied "I don't want to get married, but how much does it cost?" On being told she remarked "I guess I will pay it and then I can do as I please", this she did, and going downstairs in 10 minutes she was married to William Chaffee of Bond Township

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