Thursday, June 6, 2013

McCoy Flies over Antarctica

Vincennes Sun Commercial   1955-1960 era
First Lieut. Robert G. McCoy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Basil E. McCoy of Route 3, Sumner, Illinois, a C – 124 Globemaster copilot of the 63rd Troop Carrier Wing, who is now in New Zealand, preparing to go to Antarctica and airdrop supplies at the South Pole in connection with Operation Deep Freeze. The 18th Air Force C – 124's will operate from an airstrip at McMurde Sound, 1500 nautical miles round-trip distance from the Pole, to airdrop a complete International Geophysical Year base. Lieut. McCoy graduated from Bridgeport Township High School in 1950. He flew over the North Pole in 1955. He is married to the former Ms. Joan Duncan of Bridgeport.