Friday, June 21, 2013

LTHS- Established in 1908- Part 3

The third part of a three part series on the beginning of LTHS

Thursday, August 27, 1908
The contract for building the new Township high school was let Tuesday to L. M. Moore and Son, of Danville, Illinois. There were 13 or 14 bids, the difference between the highest and lowest being $12,000. The general contract price for the building was $26,912; the heating, plumbing and sewage to the River, $4942 making a total cost of $31,854. The proposed building will contain assembly room, with a seating capacity of 250, eight classrooms and Principal's office. The basement will be used for gymnasium, domestic science and agricultural classes. The boiler room will be separate from the main building and will be constructed entirely of concrete, making it absolutely fireproof. The main building will be a brick stone and terra-cotta very little wood being in the construction. As soon as the preliminaries are arranged, the contractor will begin work, probably within 10 days.

Thursday, September 10, 1908
Lawrenceville Township High School will open its temporary quarters Monday, September 14. Graduates of the Lawrence County and city schools will be admitted upon presentation of a certificate of such graduation. Pupils from other high schools will be admitted on their certified records; others will be admitted upon passing the entrance exam, which will be held September 12, beginning at 8:30 AM. ..
The seats and desks arrived Monday and are being placed in the temporary quarters (the Roberts building East of the square) this week. Carpenters have made the necessary changes and everything is in readiness for the opening day. The building has been so arranged as to make three classrooms, two schoolrooms and superintendent's office, in addition to the laboratory.

Thursday, September 17, 1908
The Township High School opened Monday morning with an enrollment of 52 pupils, divided as follows: 5 seniors, 9 juniors, 16 sophomores, 21 freshman. There are six tuition pupils, that is, pupils residing outside the school Township. The temporary quarters are comfortably filled, although in a case of necessity room can be made for 70 pupils.
The work is divided among the teachers as follows: H. W. Hostettler, principal, has mathematics; Miss Rogers, Latin and history; Mr. McAndrew, English. In addition drawing, spelling and vocal music is taught, and more branches will be added as the circumstances require.
The contractors for the new building have a force a man at work grading in excavating for the basement, and with no bad luck the building will be ready by the first of next year. Lawrenceville will then have school facilities second to none in this part of the state, and with the excellent corps of teachers employed great things are expected by the patrons of the Township.