Thursday, June 20, 2013

LTHS- Established in 1908- Part 2

Second part of three-part series on the beginning of LTHS

Thursday, June 18, 1908Sealed bids will be received by the Lawrence Township High School Board of Education–at 9 AM Saturday, June 20, 1908 for the sale of 23,000 in 6 percent bonds…

Thursday, July 2, 1908The Board of Education of the Township high school had another meeting last Saturday and tendered the position of superintended to H. W. Hostettler, of the city, at a salary of $1100 per year. He  accepted the position and went  with the members of the board to Mount Vernon Wednesday to inspect the high school building in that city. The board will meet again next Saturday, at which time they expect to select the site and the architect to draw the plans for the new building.

Thursday, July 23, 1908  The Board of Education of the Township high school met Monday and unanimously voted for the Irwin hill as the site for the new building. Spencer and Temple, of Champaign, were selected as architects. The trust company which agreed to take the bonds reported that they were ready to turn the money over as soon as the necessary resolutions, in regard to the tax levy was passed by the board. This was done at the meeting Monday and the bonds will be issued about 1 August. The new building will be of brick with  stone basement and trimmings and the estimated cost is about $25,000. The price for the site has not been agreed upon.

Thursday, August 6, 1908  The Board of Education of the Township High School met Saturday and agreed with Mr. Irwin on the price to be paid for the site selected. As stated before, the hill near the North River bridge was selected and the price is $3000. The track contains nearly 8 acres. The plans will probably be submitted this week and the construction of the building will be commenced as soon as possible.

Thursday, August 13, 1908The Board of Education of the Township High School met Wednesday morning and fixed the length of term for the coming school year at 8 1/2 months. The term begins September 14. The board has rented the Roberts property, East of the courthouse, for temporary quarters for the school until the new building can be completed. It was the intention to use the circuit court room, but they could not agree with the Board of Supervisors as to the price. The faculty is H. W. Hostettler, principal, $1100 per year; Miss Ina Rogers, Miss Clara F. Alcorn and William McAndrew Jr., each had a salary of $75 per month. The board fixed the tuition rates at $2.50 per month or $20 per term payable in advance. The board will meet again August 25 at which time the contract for the new building will be let.

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