Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lawrence Township High School--Established 1908

Today begins a three- part series on the beginning of Lawrenceville Township High School.

Lawrence County News April 3 1958

Lawrenceville Township High School established April 11, 1908
 School opened in September with 52 enrolled

The Lawrenceville Township High School will be 50 years old on April 11, that being the date in 1908 upon which the election was held to determine whether or not Township 3– 11 should be a high school district and a high school building erected. The election was favorable and preliminary work in connection with establishing the school, selecting the building site and constructing a building went forward rapidly. The men mostly responsible for the high school were George W. Lackey and John O. Smith.  Both were former school men, vitally interested in higher education, and they also realized that the high school department, operating in connection with the elementary school, was inadequate and that there was a need for complete, rounded out high school course.

What recognition will be made of the golden anniversary of the high school has not yet been decided by the high school officials, but the News believes that the people of the community would be interested in reading articles from the 1908 file of the News in which the reports are made of the progress of the project to establish a real high school.  (The  Blog editor does too, although be reminded this was the school building that was later destroyed when  struck by lightning in 1914.)

Thursday, April 16, 1908 The high school election in Township 3– 11 and including the city of Lawrenceville, was very largely attended. There were 480 votes polled; 387 for the building and 93 against it, making a majority of 294 for the proposition – almost unanimous. (This was why a high school was needed, so that reporters could acquire a higher education--the actual percentage was something like 75%, by no means ‘unanimous’ -- Blog Ed.)) This is one of the biggest advancements in the education line that has been made in this part of the state. It means that all children in the prescribed territory who have successfully passed the eighth year work can get a high school course at home and free of any charges…It is certainly a great thing for the children in the  country districts, much more so than in Lawrenceville, because Lawrenceville already has the high school and the graded system. The next move will be to elect five directors. These should be men who have careful judgment, enterprising and public spirited man. The location of the building will no doubt be made in Lawrenceville on a suitable ground where a nice campus can be made.

Thursday, May 7, 1908 Saturday afternoon is the day set to elect directors for the Township high school. There are five directors to elect and, as the news stated last week, they should be men who will give the business the proper attention and men whose ability and honesty are unquestioned.
Thursday, May 21, 1908 the Township high school trustees – P. W. Barnes, G. W. Lackey, Will J. Warner, J. O. Smith, and F. J. Snyder – met Friday and organized by electing Mr. Lackey president and Mr. Smith, secretary. They drew lots for length of term. P. W. Barnes holds the office three years; George W. Lackey and Will Warner two years; J. O. Smith and F. J. Snyder one year.

They held another meeting Monday morning and set the date for voting on this site for Saturday, June 6, and the amount of bonds, for building, site, etc., at $23,000. This is a reasonable amount and one that every voter in the Township ought to favor. Everyone wants a building that they can point to with pride, now as well as in future years. Public buildings are built only once in a lifetime, or even more, and it is very essential to look at the future in constructing them. Every voter in Lawrence Township 3– 11 ought to take a special interest in the high school building and if you have any suggestions to offer, the directors will no doubt be glad to hear them. These men are practical, conservative businessman and the enterprise is entirely safe in their hands.
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