Monday, June 24, 2013

Lawrence County News 1909-1959

Lawrence County News June 25, 1959 This week marks the 50th anniversary of the moving of Lawrence County News to its present location on State Street. Prior to that time the News was located in the top story of the building at the extreme right in the top picture. The building is now owned by G. C. Tipsword, with the lower floor occupied by Tipswords  Furniture and the upper story being living apartments.
The interior scene was of the present News office soon after the move was made to the new location. In the picture, seated is Editor C. F. Stoll, bending over him is Dwight A. Hunt, , Foreman of the shop, and reading from the paper is Warren L. Chamblin, shop printer.
The news came into the Hardacre family a few years before the new building was erected. It was formerly owned by A. L. Maxwell who had O. V. Hardacre as his editor. Mr. Hardacre purchased the News and arranged for the erection of the new building. He died before the construction got underway, and the building was erected under the supervision of his widow, Anna Hardacre, and Editor C. F. Stoll.
Lawrence County News has been published for 65 years and six months without missing a single issue; it was published the week of the move to the new building. The building and  the newspaper are now owned by Hazel Hardacre, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. V. Hardacre, and the editor and lessee is S. E. Jones, who has been in full charge since January 1, 1944.