Monday, June 3, 2013

Glover's Ice Cream

George Glover alleged he was the first to serve Ice cream in Lawrenceville.   From his Obit:   ( 1944)
"George Washington Glover, Lawrenceville's oldest businessman in point of years served died at his home at 603 Jefferson St. early Monday morning, following two years of illness that kept him confined to his home. He was unconscious the last 24 hours of his life.
Mr. Glover was born near Spencer Indiana on March 28, 1863, celebrating his 81st birthday anniversary last month. He grew to manhood in the vicinity of his birth, learning the trade of baker. On March 26, 1891 he married Miss Lulu Workman, at Ingraham Indiana, and the next year moved to  Lawrenceville where they entered the restaurant business, which has been continued without a break since that time.

The business life of Mr. Glover was long interesting. At the time of his death he had completed a full 52 years in the restaurant, bakery and confectionery business, outliving all those who were established at that time. Coming to the city in 1892, Mr. and Mrs. Glover opened a restaurant in a small  room located on the corner of State and 11th streets.   Soon afterward they moved to the north side of the square and later to the room on the west side now occupied by Carl Whittington's restaurant. 45 years ago they moved into the room, now known as the Glover Confectionery, remaining there throughout the balance of Mr. Glover's life.
Mr. Glover claimed that he was the first man to make and sell sandwiches in Lawrenceville, conducted the first bakery, operated the first soda fountain, made and sold the first ice cream.
The business of the restaurant bakery and confectionery were practically the home of Mr. Glover and from early morning to late at night, he could be found in his place of business, looking after the details in connection with its establishment and greeting his many customers. He worked hard throughout his life and taught his children to work and by that close application to business was well paid a good living for his family and the satisfaction of a job well done."

(Thanks to Kevin B for sharing these Ice Cream articles)