Saturday, June 1, 2013

Follow up on Tours with Photos

May has been a busy month for the historical society..  We thank everyone who participated or assisted in the cemetery tour -- particularly the Steve Cunningham family for bringing their horses, Cyndi Seabook for narrating a tour, John and Kevin for doing the research, and Weston's Mowing Service for the water bottles to keep us cool on that hot day.  We are particularly proud that as a result of a request for a flag pole at the Sumner Cemetery, the American Legion and Tom and  Pat Nash stepped up and provided one before Memorial Day.

The Black History tour was also sold out and all those who rode the bus back in history enjoyed the outing. a special thanks to Larry and Carl Curry for all the research and the information and stories that they provided.  A job well done! We hope to encourage the schools to add this tour to their list of field trips.

Monday Memorial day, several of us were treated to a tour of Smallsburg and area by HJ Payne.  As more information about this historic area is found,  we hope to develop a program about it.  Since the state now owns much of the area, we are in hope that future development will include some of that history.

Our ideas for programs and projects are fast outgrowing our time and resources  so please consider not only contributing financially  but also with time and manpower...we can find anyone something to do, and not only that, but  it will be something you WANT to do ...not just busy work.....

Attention Marathon retirees:  Volunteer some hours to the historical society, and Marathon will make a contribution.  Talk to your HR department about this really great way to give back to your county's history.

Attention Chevron retirees:  Chevron will match dollar for dollar any contribution you make to the Society.  Two of you have already been generous! Thank you so much! Please contact  for more information.