Thursday, June 13, 2013

50,000,000th Ford Automobile 1933

In 1933 when the Ford business was booming, the 50 millionth Ford motorcar visited Lawrenceville. Showing the famous vehicle must have  been quite an event because it is believed that most of those persons depicted in the photo below were students in Lawrenceville Township high school, teachers,  police officers and  employees of the A. L. Maxwell Company. 

 Those identified were : William H. Stivers, police chief, M .N. Todd, Principal of LTHS; Miss Selma Roth, Mathematics teacher; Miss  Trissie Sutherland, History teacher; Gordon Eshelman, Maxwell employee and salesman; Emil Fry, Gerri Spitzer, Jean Todd, Bill Hensley; Monroe Beanblossom, George Lathrop, John Humphrey, Bill David, Leon Motor, Don Moody and a Brunson boy. Three young ladies can be seen peering through the car's window.
Thanks to Kevin B for finding this photo in the Lawrence County News May 12, 1971.