Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Teacher Examination Questions 1916

An act to provide for certification of teachers by  Illinois became law in July 1914. Thereafter all public school teachers were required to pass examinations prepared by the Illinois State Examining Board. Applicants to teach primary school were required to write on any eight of the 10 questions presented in nine fields: reading, orthography, geography, United States history, Illinois history, civics, the state course of study, general history, and pedagogy.
The 10 general history questions for elementary teachers on the 1916 examination were as follows:       

  1. Describe the career of Themistocles and of Aristides
  2.  Give the main events in the history of the Hebrews. What was their mission in history?
  3.  From what country did the founders of Carthage come? For what were they famous?
  4. What part did the following man taken the territorial expansion of Rome: Caesar, Pompeii, Augustus, Claudius?
  5.  Explain the origin of the power of the popes.
  6.  Give the main events in the First Hundred Years war between England and France.
  7. Describe the reign of the Emperor Charles V.
  8. What problems were before the Council of Trent and how did the Council attempt to solve them?
  9. What were the industrial and political results in England of the invention of the steam engine?
  10.  Give an account of the causes and results of the Franco-Prussian war of 1870 – 1871.

The 10  Illinois history questions:
  1.         Name five Illinois men who won distinction in the Civil War.
  2.         State the advantages of Illinois resulting from its natural resources and its geographical situation.
  3.         Give a brief account of the steps taken in the admission of Illinois into the union.
  4.         Give a brief sketch of the Black Hawk war.
  5.        Describe fully two customs of the early settlers which have disappeared from the life of the people.
  6.         What was the ‘black code’? Give some of its provisions.
  7.          Give a short account of the effort to make Illinois a slave state.
  8.         What Illinois history can you connect with these places: Starved Rock, Galena, Old Salem on the Sangamon, Nauvoo, Shantytown, Vandalia, Alton, Freeport.
  9.          Name five governors of Illinois and name some of important event in the administration of each.
  10.     Give the history of the Illinois Central Railroad.

If you give these to your favorite History teacher do not tell them who gave them to you....My school records might get changed retroactively.