Saturday, May 11, 2013

New Brian Cemetery sign and Baldwin's Supreme Court Case

One of the goals of the cemetery committee has been to make sure all cemeteries have signs, but signs cost money.   A new sign recently appeared at Brian Cemetery and while we would like to take credit for this, we can not in good consequence do so.  An anonymous sign creator left this on the front porch of the Christy township Cemetery trustee to be erected, which Gary Inyart was only to happy to do. So whoever you are, your generosity is appreciated and recognized. Perhaps others who have family buried in unmarked county cemeteries will be moved to donate money for similar signs. (Thanks to Judi  S. and Joanne I. for bringing this to our attention.)

On a previous blog about Baldwinsburg and the Flanders family, researchers believed that the demise of Baldwinsburg was due to the railroad failing to lay track near it. Later research now  indicates that Baldwinsburg was failing on its own because of the money troubles of its founder, William Baldwin.

An Illinois Supreme Court case dated November 1851 gives the following facts:

  • William Baldwin borrowed $2500 February 1848 from the bank of Indiana payable in four months. Victor Buchanan and Mr. Vandermark co-signed and guaranteed payment.
  • The note was renewed in June when it became due for another four months.
  • In October Baldwin asked Buchanan to sign another renewal note stating that he intended to get Vandermark's signature also.
  • In March of 1849 Baldwin committed suicide from supposed pecuniary embarrassments.
  • Only then did Buchanan learn that Vandermark had not signed the note, despite the fact that the bank possessed a note with all three signatures.
  • Upon examination for forgery it was learned that the signatures were original but that the bank cashier  Mr. Ross and Baldwin had altered the date of the original note to appear to be the renewal note.  This  made the note then void.  
This case gives several important facts for Lawrence county historians.  The death of William Baldwin by suicide in March 1849 is now confirmed. The 'Victor Buchanan" referred to as a cosigner was probably Victor Buchanan Jr. since Victor Buchanan, Sr. had died in 1843. Mr. Vandermark and Mr. Ross have yet to be specifically identified. (Thanks to John K for this additional research)

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