Saturday, May 18, 2013

Nazi POW, 1907 Postcard, and Chevron Matching Funds

Springfield August 20 (undated but during WWII sometime)

 Lawrenceville Aviator First Nazi Captive  

Lieut. J. P. Alexander of Lawrenceville, the first Illinoisan to be held a prisoner of war in Germany, will receive 16 pocket-size editions of well-known books from the Illinois State Library, Secretary of State E. J. Hughes said yesterday.

In a letter to Hughes dated June 5 Alexander asked that Illinois prisoners be sent college text, fiction,   and especially ‘law books’. Since packages sent to war prisoners cannot exceed 5 pounds, Hughes explained, it will be impossible to send a copy of the session laws enacted recently by the adjoined general assembly.

Alexander, an Air Corps Lieut., was shot down during a heavy bombing mission – when he was attacked by a superior number of German Luftwaffe fighter planes. He has been a German prisoner for almost a year, it is believed.

Editor:   I find this very interesting....Why a POW would want to read the Ill statutes is beyond me...He is already a prisoner, which is what I felt like when I HAD to read them myself, sitting in the law library on a beautiful spring day.....

Thanks to JH Payne for reminding me that Chevron will make a matching contribution to the Historical Society for each dollar an employee or retired employee donates.  There is also a monetary contribution for hours spent volunteering for us.  So if you are retired and want to volunteer to help us earn some much needed funds, please send me an email.  Also if you want to know more about matching contributions, please talk to the Human Resources Dept, or check the Chevron website.  

Thanks to James P for sending a copy of this 1907 postcard of Lawrenceville square, and Harold F for the donation of his US Navy uniform and other memorabilia.

Who was the Steffy (Steffey) who was County Clerk in 1922? A reader has requested any information about this gentleman, so if you can help him out, send me an email. 

Don't forget to stop by the Sumner cemetery tomorrow Sunday afternoon 1-5 to visit   or take the tour.  We will even show you where Fred Craig, the sleepwalking groom,  is buried.