Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Montgomery, Pinkstaff, and Girl Scouts 1950's

From research in the 1950's Lawrence County News   Mary Louise Sayler, born in Lawrenceville died while loading her car for a Holiday trip with her mother.  Miss Sayler served her country in WWII as a WAVE.

Mrs Nora Montgomery of Lawrence Post 28 was elected in July 1954 as President of the American Legion Auxiliary of the 5th Division.  She named Mrs. Mary Hamilton of Bridgeport as her secretary for the year.

Lawrence County News         Memorial Trees        March 1944
“As spring approaches you will probably notice the beauty of the trees on the school campus. The five trees on the South Boulevard of the campus are known as Memorial trees. They were dedicated about 1920 by the classes and faculties of LTHS to the graduates of our high school who gave their lives for their country during World War I.  These men were Clinton Conrad, Leland Cooley, Victor Grow, Horace Jones and Harry Zehner.

Lawrence County News March 26, 1959  W.E. Pinkstaff pictured above on the right, celebrated his 92nd birthday on March 18, 1959.  With Mr. Pinkstaff above are his sister, Nancy Steffey of Birds, who was 90 years old last October, and W. E. Pinkstaff (left) a brother.  The newspaper noted that Mr. Pinkstaff was a carpenter and was still quite active. That week of his 92nd  birthday he was putting a roof on a house.
Lawrence County News February 26, 1959 The above photo is of Lawrence County Girl Scouts' capping ceremony for volunteers in the Lawrence County Memorial Hospital aid course. Assistant leader Mrs. Harold Rinck, Carroll Peerman, Gloria Buchanan, Sherry Fry, Sue Steffey, Janet Phillippe, Mrs. R. T. Kirkwood, leader.  Pictured above left to right back row, Gelaine Cornell, Linda McFall, Marilyn Sparks, Judy Wingate, Louise Phipps, Vicki Ramsey, Janice Smith, Sharon Huddleston, Myra Waldrop and Kay Swarens, who was not present for the above sitting. In addition to receiving their yellow aid  cap to match their yellow pinafores, 14 girls received their 10 year service pin.