Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ice Cream in Lawrenceville 1950 Ribley's

 Breathes there a child alive who has not uttered these words as loud as they could :  I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream!” For most of us ice cream conjures up memories of summer--melting cones, banana splits, hot fudge sundaes, root beer floats, and the places where these delicious items were purchased--the soda shop,the drug store soda fountain or ice cream parlor.  OK so maybe you're not that old but I bet you will remember some of the places mentioned over the next few days in a series of articles KB has been collecting about ice cream places in Lawrenceville in the 1950's. 

First a little history:  Ice cream, during the WWII, was still available to civilians, but it was limited by stringent rules and conditions. The government was forced to reduce or ration the milk and sugar available for making ice cream. Shortages were common and many neighborhood soda parlors found themselves with ice cream intermittently. However, after the war in the 1950's, ice cream 'parlors' became popular places again.

Ribley's 15th and Lexington  Lawrenceville

April 27 1950 Lawrence County News
You can travel around the whole United States tasting here and nibbling there and you won't find any ice cream anywhere better than the homemade ice cream put out by  George's and Ribley's Ice Cream shops right here in Lawrenceville.

Local people have been smacking their lips and consuming gallons of this delicious homemade ice cream for over 20 years.

In 1929 Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ribley started their ice cream business down on 15th St. and by 1935 the demand for their product called for a new place of business. They built what is now known as Dale's Winter Garden Cafe on alternate route 50 just west of Lawrenceville, where they continued to operate a successful business for several years.

In July, 1946, a new Ribley's Ice Cream Shop was opened in Lawrenceville by Voyle Ribley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ribley. He and his wife have continued to produce all the ice cream delights formerly associated with the Ribley ice cream at their Porter Ave., Lexington intersection shop.

And now they're building their own place at the corner of 15th and Lexington. Ribley expects to open his new shop for business around 1st of May, and though it's only a shell now it won't be long till the shell will be full of busy people, shiny new counters, stools, tables and chairs and luscious Ribley ice cream.

Ribley says that the lot just north of the building will be turned into a parking lot that can accommodate about 20 cars and the plan is for both drive-in and inside service to customers. Ice cream, of course, will continue to be their main product but the Ribley expects to expand their present sandwich service to include quick lunches, barbecue plates, salad and other light lunch items.

( Continued  Tomorrow --George's Ice Cream)