Saturday, May 25, 2013

George's Ice Cream and Sumner Flag Pole

The photo at the right is Kathleen Lockhart  (Miller) in her waitress uniform for George's Ice Cream. (1938-40).  Happy 91st birthday this year!

As the cemetery tour researchers for the Sumner Cemetery began working on the project, they realized there was no flag pole there.  With all the veterans who are buried there, it seems so disrespectful   not to have the flag flying over their graves, but the old one had blown down in a storm and the cemetery officials just didn't have the money to replace it.  So a few words to the right people, and ....Thursday a new pole was set by the American Legion and now  the flag once again  gloriously  flies over the Sumner Cemetery.   Job well Done!

Also thanks to all those groups and individuals who put out the flags in the cemeteries all over the county, including the little country ones on the back roads, so that we never forget the sacrifices those who lie in peaceful slumber made for our country.