Friday, May 10, 2013

George's Ice Cream 1950

The second in the series of articles collected by KB about Ice Cream shoppes in Lawrenceville in the 1950's.

April 27 1950 Lawrence County News

Lawrenceville's other special claim to ice cream fame is George's Ice Cream shop on north  12th St. During the 10 years Mr. and Mrs. George Breyfogle have been in Lawrenceville they have become great favorites with young and old alike and have produced ice cream sodas, sundaes, milkshakes, cones and dipped carry home packages enough to satisfy the whole town.

When they first opened their little shop George, Mrs. Breyfogle, and her brother, William Koertge operated the business. After a year, however, George bought Koertge share and has now progressed to his present modern shop with nine employees.

It's the same shop that you would have a tough time recognizing it now! They have remodeled and redecorated four times, and this last bit of work has made that one time bare little store into a beautiful comfortable place that will seat 47 people and supply ice cream to more and more happy people.

George has installed a new, natural wood and mirror bar on the north side of the shop and has put in a shiny new horseshoe counter with chrome and leather revolving chairs making more room as well as beautiful for everyone.

The ice cream eating local people can now treat their eyes while they treat their tummies to the best homemade ice cream in the country, you can stop at George's or Ribley's you know it's always good.

(Apparently business was so good, that these two establishments advertised in the local newspapers very little,as KB only found one advertisement a year each. )