Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Death of Groom-- Days before Wedding

Lawrenceville Republican May 18, 1922

Fred Craig Shoots Himself Early Sunday While Walking in his Sleep – Was to Have Been Married Sunday – Tragic Occurrence Happens Before the Father Could Reach Him.

Friends and neighbors of Fred Craig, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Craig, who live about a mile and a half southwest of Sumner, were shocked yesterday morning to hear of the accidental shooting and death.

The young man, who it seems was a habitual somnambulist, got up in his sleep about three o'clock Sunday morning and came downstairs. He called to his father that there were prowlers about the place and for him to come along. He took a shotgun from the hall and went out. Mr. Craig got up and started to dress himself in order to go and wake the young man and bring him back to the house. Before he got dressed he heard a shot and calling a neighbor, Mr. Piper, the two went to look for the boy and found him about a quarter of a mile from the house.

The body of Fred was found on one side of a wire fence and the gun on the other. The gun had been discharged, the load striking him in the side and he was dead when the father reached him.

This affair is all the more tragic as he was to have been married yesterday to Miss Marie Hill of Sumner, County Clerk Steffey issuing the marriage license Saturday.

This young man comes from a fine family, the father being a prosperous farmer and Fred being an industrious young man who worked for several years for the B&O and then took up the barber trade and was making a success of the business.

Editor's note: Fred M Craig was born October 18, 1897 in Illinois. He died May 14, 1922 in Christy Township at age 24. His parents were Charles C. Craig and Sarah Wright. He was buried in Sumner cemetery.