Thursday, May 9, 2013

Courthouse Clock

May 1903 Courthouse Clock

The services at the courthouse Thursday evening in commemoration of D. S. Porter for his donation to the County of the courthouse clock, were largely attended and very impressive. The plans mapped out before hand were carried out to the letter. Judge Newlin presided in open court in the usual form.  Speeches were made by the following lawyers: C. H. Martin, S. J. Gee, Col. W. F. Foster and E. S. Kingsbury. A. L. Maxwell and J. W. McLean spoke on behalf of of the County and Elder George T. Smith for the ministry.J. W. McCleave was the last speaker and when near the closing sprung a surprise not only to Mr. and Mrs. Porter, but on nearly all present, by presenting Mr. Porter with a beautiful gold headed cane.

This was too much for Mr. Porter and it was some minutes before he could respond in giving thanks for the honor and express his gratitude to the people. He was much pleased with the entire proceedings and said while he did not desire or expect any notoriety over the giving of the clock, he was pleased to know and feel that the people generally appreciated the clock, and that he hoped that it would be the means of doing much good to the people of Lawrenceville and Lawrence County.